19 Oct

Alhamdulillaah alone who made us find a working link to the excellent Series of books
” Al Arabia Bayna Yadayk ” or Arabic between your hands.

We have been using these series for many years now for understanding Arabic and also as conversational texts,  and Alhamdulillaah we found them very useful to our students.

Only one advice I wish to give to the students is: to start using ” Al Arabia Bayna Yadayk ” after completing the reading and writing skills offered at our site at the beginners section; as when you are fluent in the reading and writing you can then concentrate on the meaning and the grammar offered in the books.

We have prepared many exercises for book 1 and 2 and willing to share them with teachers and students using the same book.

The books and the Audio files related to them can be found on Al-Taysir site

May Allaah reward brother Abu ‘Uthman  for that effort, and I hope you start immediatly learning the beautiful language of the Qur’aan!


2 Responses to “GOOD NEWS!”

  1. Mohammed January 31, 2013 at 10:36 pm #

    How can I get exerecises and notes you have prepared?

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