Conversational lessons for Beginners (with transliteration)

31 Oct

New lessons uploaded at conversational Arabic for Extreme beginners as it has also transliteration with it and a  table of letters to show the Arabic Vocalization at the beginning of Lesson 1.

I advice those who can read and write to use them along with the previous lessons uploaded in conversational Level 1 as they have several new words

Jazakum Allaahu Khairaa



Download The feminine Plural lesson again

17 Jun

Please re-download the lesson again as many new information were added to it and some typo mistakes were corrected.

New Lesson Uploaded in Quranic Arabic Page

3 May

جَمْعُ التَّكْسِيرِ

The Broken Plural

How to form it and conjugate it


Download Lesson 13 Quranic Arabic ( Masculine Plural ) again

2 May

السلام عليكم

From time to time I discover typo mistakes in some lessons so I correct and upload again

If you downloaded the lessons long time ago better to re download them